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How It Works

Trade Winds is a proprietary web application that draws on Value-Investing educational principles to help generate long-term wealth from the stock market.


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Why Invest with Trade Winds


Profitable Investing

Get access to money management strategy and system automation that has historically only been available to institutional investors.

Realize market beating returns and consistently grow your wealth for the long term.


Custom Built Application

Invest in the markets with confidence using a highly innovative and easy to use platform.

Benefit from an intuitive user interface, elegantly designed for the best user experience.

Value Investing for all

Drawing on the tried and tested principles of value investing, Trade Winds is available in over 200 countries and will enable you to accumulate shares that show the potential for long term capital appreciation and provide an income stream through regular dividend repayments.​

We are passionate about democratizing the markets, empowering people to see with their own eyes what professional investors have been doing for years. This could not be more relevant in the uncertain world we find ourselves living in today.


Education First

The best investment you can make is in yourself. For this reason we offer the Trade Winds application as part of a wider educational framework, focused on the principles of Value Investing. If you are completely new to the stock market you can access our free online content before opening your first trade (obtaining a Certificate of Accomplishment on completion).

Alternatively, experienced investors can obtain direct access to the application after registration.


Investment Thesis

“How many millionaires do you know who have become wealthy by investing in savings accounts?

I rest my case”.

Robert G. Allen


The secret to making money long-term in the stock market is to only buy shares when they are undervalued.


Trade Winds constantly scans the markets and not only knows whether your preferred stocks are under/over-valued but will accumulate shares for you at a discount. You input what stocks you want to buy, and the software will optimize your buy orders ensuring a margin of safety each time.


When it comes to investment decisions, it is key that you know all the facts as no one is better placed to manage your money than you. For this reason, the software has been specifically designed to position-size all buy orders for you. Whether you invest $100 or $100,000, Trade Winds follows clear and consistent allocation rules to ensure your funds are only invested in the right proportions and at pre-determined entry points.


Competitive Pricing

While everyone has the right to access the money markets, few actually do.

Regardless of your experience, age or income Trade Winds is inclusive and accessible to all.


USD $100 per Year

Start building your Portfolio

Select up to x5 Stocks

Choose from Preferred Stock List

Access Intrinsic Value of Stocks


USD $200 per Year

Grow your Portfolio

Select up to x20 Stocks

Choose from Preferred Stock List

Access Intrinsic Value of Stocks


USD $300 per Year

Optimize your Portfolio

Access all lower tier features, plus

Invest in 1,000's of Stocks

Receive Intrinsic Value Calculator



What brokerage's are currently supported?

Trade Winds currently interfaces with Alpaca. If you do not have an Alpaca account you can set one up here.

Integration with other online brokerages will be available soon.

I'm a complete beginner. Is this App for me?

Yes! Tradewinds is suitable for first-time investors. If you've never bought a share before the App will make the process easy and intuitive. Sign up for a free subscription to purchase your first share today.

Which markets are available on Trade Winds?

The App has a focus on US equities and ETF's listed on the New York Stock Exchange and NASDAQ. 

Trade Winds is available in over 200 countries

Are fractional shares available?

Yes! Fractional shares allow you invest in a portion of share, as oppose to a whole share. This will enable you to spread your funds further and better diversify your investment portfolio.

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